Luxury Bespoke Facial at Lisa Franklin Privé Clinic

Last week was intense.  My family and I had just returned from a holiday in Kraków, Poland, when we all caught some sort of flu virus. I don’t think any of us had been that sick since we moved to London almost three years ago.  Being under the weather really took its toll on my face.

My skin looked congested and angry but I wanted it to look clear and glowy and if I’m being completely honest, ten years younger.  What affects your skin?  It seems nearly everything upsets mine. Cosmetic and skincare products to some extent but environmental change, hormones and illness are my real nemeses.

The first thing I did once after we were all healthy again and in no danger of having any sort of relapse was contact Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé in Knightsbridge to book a facial and have my skin sorted out.  I’m lucky I even found her as she doesn’t advertise.

After dropping my son off at school (hooray!) I hightailed it over to the clinic. I fought the London traffic every step of the way. By the time I got there I was a wreck and my face was flushed. But there was Lisa ushering me in, making me feel welcomed and encouraging me to relax.  She offered me something to drink as I made myself comfortable on the sofa in the lobby.


Lisa’s clinic is truly a gem hiding in plain sight. It’s located in Sloane Street amongst the high-end shops and boutiques but once inside it feels quiet and secluded from the busyness just outside her door.

After filling out some necessary paperwork, I was brought back to a treatment room.  It was light and airy and jazz music was playing. I settled in and started to unwind.

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Lisa started my facial by gently cleansing my face. Steam was applied and then an exfoliating product that was unique to what I’ve experienced before. It wasn’t grainy or harsh at all. It was creamy and it felt a bit tingly on the skin.  All of the products Lisa uses have plant extracts and active ingredients in them.  You can feel confident that your skin is getting the best treatment possible.

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After the exfoliation was complete she turned on a light and assessed my skin.  I needed a few extractions which Lisa did manually and after she applied an enzyme treatment to lift and tighten the skin.

My skin was then cleansed again and massaged with luxuriously textured creams.  A facial roller was used around the eyes. It felt cool, soothing and refreshing.

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At the end of my facial Lisa added oxygen to my skin. The result was a definitely glowier and much less red face. I looked really well rested even though I haven’t had a good nights sleep since 2008 when my son was born!

What I really liked about my experience with Lisa is that she really takes the time to get to know you and your skin. She asks a lot of questions. Her approach is that good skin is a process. Your skin won’t change overnight but it will change if you’re consisent with taking care of it. And it’s something that needs to be worked on from the inside, as well.  Lots of water.  Healthy eating.  Stress management.

I would have to say that my facial with Lisa was probably my favorite one to date. I looked and felt incredible upon my leaving the clinic.  My face was pampered and rejuvenated.  It’s the time she takes that truly makes the difference.

The Female Factor:  Lisa Franklin is the owner of her Clinic Privé located at 186 Sloane Street, Knightsbridge, SW1X 9QR.  +44 (0)20 7752 0217.

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