That Time When Summer Came To London…

This is a departure from what I’ll usually write about but I was compelled.  Summer arrived a bit early, this year. I suppose we deserve it after the unusually cold winter we had.  I thought I would share a bit of my day.

This morning, I made an executive decision and took the entire day to just exist.  All I wanted to do was bask in the sunshine and get a good dose of vitamin d. It was a rare treat as I really should have been researching, photographing and writing.  You know, being new to blogging and all. But no. The siren song of the sun and rising mercury could not be ignored.


^ Every inch of green space I saw looked like this, today.  It felt like the whole of London was out there lounging in the grass.



I started my day by walking around the areas where I can be usually found in Chelsea and Belgravia. I even ended up having breakfast outside with an absolute stranger at Granger & Co. We were both by ourselves and wanted the same table so we decided to sit together. That typically wouldn’t happen but something in the air had everyone in the best of moods, today.

After wandering around for a awhile I decided to cross the river and head over to Borough Market. Its always pretty crowded there and today was no different.  It was buzzing with summer vibes. People spilling outside of the pubs drinking in the sun along with their cocktails.



I could smell the fragrance emanating from the flowers as I walked by.  It was heavenly.


There are so many churches in London.  I love that this section of the market is in the shadows of one.


Afternoon cocktails in the sun.  Is there anything better?


Neal’s Yard Dairy.  One of my favorite places in the market.  The people who work there are so knowledgeable.  They are really very passionate about cheese.


Some of the Harbourne Blue came home with me.  I love blue cheeses.  The stinkier the better!


Look at those purple mushrooms on top.  I have never seen mushrooms that colour, before.  They were gorgeous.


This is just a portion of the many spices to be found at the market.  There are a few places that carry them.  Sometimes I like to just pick up something at random and try it out.


The focaccia at Bread Ahead is incredible.  So are their donuts!


Gorgeous tomatoes.  So ready for the local fruits and veg.  It always tastes so much better.


I ended up picking up some bread, cheese and charcuterie for this evening.  It is far too warm today to cook!  I already had a rosé chilling that I purchased at Whole Foods yesterday so that was dinner sorted.  What a fabulous way to end the week!

I’m starting to realize as I get older that taking time for oneself can be the greatest luxury of all.  I’m so fortunate to live a life that I absolutely love but just taking that little bit of extra time gave me the chance to clear my head, breathe and soak up some of that all too elusive sun.  Bliss!

Have a lovely weekend!

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6 thoughts on “That Time When Summer Came To London…

  1. What a perfect day! What is it about the sunshine in this country? We love it and don’t see enough of it I suppose! Lovely photos Heather. What camera do you use?

  2. I love the title of this blog, it made me laugh because London is the best when the sun comes out. Your photographs are fantastic!

    1. Thank you!!! You’re right, though. London really is the best when the sun comes out!

  3. Your post made me feel like I was taking a wander through that colourful market. Though I’m not a huge blue cheese fan, I do LOVE cheese. I enjoy visiting the cheese makers in my area (the other side of the ocean in Eastern Ontario, Canada), but I wish I wasn’t lactose intolerant so I could enjoy eating it, too. Enjoy your summery days!

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