Spring Cleaning – Facial Skin Care Review

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s a great time to think about reevaluating your skincare routine.  I find that my skin is considerably less dry in the spring and summer months so I like to tweak what I’m using on my face to prevent breakouts and keep my skin happy.

Cleansers For Every Skin Type

I’ve been using the Eve Lom Original Balm Cleanser for several years now.  Many years ago, this product was quite difficult for me to find, so I would only use the cleanser when I could get my hands on it.  Now you can readily find it online and at upmarket retailers.  In London, where I currently live, it’s sold nearly everywhere.  It’s my favorite cleanser to use year-round, and is fantastic for removing cosmetics.  It literally melts away every bit of whatever makeup you have on so a separate remover isn’t necessary, and it doesn’t strip the moisture from your skin.

What I love most about this unique cleanser is that you take a small amount, warm it in your hands and then massage it into your dry skin before using a damp facial cloth to remove it.  It’s like a mini spa treatment.

After cleansing my face, I soak two cotton pads in the Sarah Chapman Skinsesis Lash Boosting Eye Cleanse.  I leave the pads on my eyes for a minute or two and let the product sink in.  It feels so good after a long day when my eyes are tired.  In the summer months this is going into the refrigerator for a cooling treatment!

Exfoliators And Masks For All

Once a week I like to give my face and body a good scrub.  Sunday is good day to do this, as I’m a big believer in starting the week off right- this feels like a fresh start.  I like to use a dry brush before showering but on my face I rely on the Guarana Scrub by Yon-Ka. It’s great because it’s not too harsh as it exfoliates and energizes the skin.

Mid-week I use Gommage Yon-Ka in the evening.  It’s an extremely gentle botanical exfoliator.  If you have really sensitive skin that is aggravated by grainy scrubs, this would be a good choice.  It’s a gel that not only exfoliates but brightens the complexion, hydrates and balances.

Finally, once a week I use the Sensitive Mask by Yon-Ka.  It can be used more frequently if needed, but weekly seems to work for me.  I put it on after applying my serum, moisturizer and eye cream, and there is no need to rinse it off.  It’s really soothing and reduces redness in the skin.

Lotions And Potions

In the warmer weather I tend to use a lighter moisturizer and eye cream. It is still important to moisturize daily even if your skin doesn’t feel dry. I’m a massive fan of the By Terry Hydra-Éclat collection- I use the Eye Contour and am impressed with the results. My under-eyes are brighter and depuffed thanks to the metal applicator that is on the tube. It feels refreshing and you can see the results instantly.

I also use the the Hydra-Éclat Serum and Daily Care Balm to hydrate and smooth my skin. It’s worth mentioning that By Terry products have the most addictive scent- you feel as if you’re walking through a rose garden!

Aside from moisturizer and eye cream the most important thing your skin needs is sunscreen.  I absolutely love the Sun Drops from Dr. Barbara Sturm.  It can be mixed with your moisturizer to all go on evenly in just one step, and won’t leave the skin feeling sticky like some sunscreens.

As I get older I’m starting to think about venturing into products and treatments that will keep me looking young.  I don’t plan on growing old gracefully, so I would love some recommendations!  Please leave them in the comments area below or contact me directly.

The Lovliest Lips

This past winter I found a treatment that saved my lips from being chapped, and am still using this routine daily because my lips look fuller and definitely feel softer.

Before I go to sleep I use the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Lip Treatment as the final step of my facial routine.  In the morning I use the By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Scrub.  It’s a sugar scrub so it’s gentle and can be used regularly but maintains its  effectiveness.  On days where I don’t wear lip color I use the Baume De Rose Crayon to keep my lips hydrated throughout the day.

Coming Soon!

By Terry just launched a new product range called Detoxilyn that was launched at Harrods.  I have an appointment to go in for a demonstration and to get more information about the collection.  I’m intrigued because these products have been created for people living in cities where pollution is higher.  I’m sure I’ll try out some of the products and I will let you know how I get on with them.


The Female Factor:  Eve Lom is the owner and creator of her namesake cleanser and Terry de Gunzburg is the owner creator of her namesake products. Sarah Chapman is the owner and creator of her namesake products.  Françoise and Catherine Mühlethaler took over the lead of their family’s business in 1968.


6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – Facial Skin Care Review

  1. I’ve always taken my skin for granted, but as I get older I am noticing that it needs a bit more TLC, so thanks for sharing these 🙂

    1. I think most people do. We tend to forget that it’s our largest organ. We’re only as good as what we put in our bodies and on our skin!

    1. Anytime! I know I always like finding out about products I never knew existed. You never know what may work for you!

  2. Lovely post- I’m so guilty of neglecting my skin but a mini spa-style feel of the balm cleanser sounds very appealing! I also never quite feel sure what serums to use so thanks for sharing yours!

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