Italian Gardens Photoshoot

The Italian Gardens located in Kensington Gardens are a lovely place in London to relax and people watch on a sunny day.  Have a coffee from the Italian Gardens Café and imagine you’re in Rome.

Not only great for idling away time, the Italian Gardens are also one of my favorite places for a photo shoot. The gorgeous fountains and works created of Portland stone and Carrara marble make for an elegant backdrop.


The soft pink and florals of the kimono were perfect for my spring photos taken in the gardens.


Can we talk about these shoes?  Those poms are so incredibly soft and fluffy!  And the shoes are super comfy, too.



And because I’m putting myself completely out there for the world to see…here are a few out-takes.  Because I’m keeping it real.  My favorite two photos.  In the first one I’m nervously looking at a parakeet.  I was hoping one would sit on my hand but I ended up with pigeons, instead!

What I wore: Kimono by Elizabeth and James, Denim by Paige (from a previous season), Shoes by Aquazurra.  Please note that I receive no compensation if you choose to shop from these links.  I just added them for your convenience.

The Female Factor:  My photoshoot was with the lovely Krista Kirby of Alabaster Photography. Elizabeth and Ashley Olson are the owners and designers of Elizabeth and James.  Paige Adams-Geller is the founder and creative director for Paige.

13 thoughts on “Italian Gardens Photoshoot

  1. It’s amazing that you were able to get so close to the parakeet. He must be very tame to allow a person to get so close but I love that the pigeons were the brave ones to visit. They must have been attracted by the Kimono which is so lovely and your shoes which match perfectly. The garden looks beautiful and seems to be the perfect place to spend a quiet, sunny afternoon. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I have to give my photographer, Krista Kirby, of Alabaster Photography all the credit. She’s fantastic!

    1. Thank you! The gardens are beautiful. I’m fortunate to live so close to them!

  2. Just when I thought I knew what London had to offer, up pops your post! The Italian Gardens will be on my next London itinerary that’s for sure. Lovely photos.

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