Jo Loves Orange Butterflies

London has suddenly lost its summer feeling. Today was cool and overcast. This morning I found myself reaching for a scent to take me somewhere warm in my daydreams because physically I’m landlocked here in London for another few weeks. I’m longing for the sunny warmth I had in Oslo last week and it’s nowhere to be found over here.

I’ve recently written about Jo Loves. I have a massive love affair going with a couple of her fragrances. Orange Butterflies is her most recent and it doesn’t disappoint.

According to Jo’s description, Orange Butterflies is a citrus and floral scent inspired by her time in the South of France.

Does it take me there, as well? Yes. Yes, it does. I can smell the gorgeous orange blossom and neroli and in my mind I’m dressed in white linen (instead of ivory cashmere) and lounging on my private balcony overlooking lavender fields.

There is no lavender in this fragrance but this is my daydream so stay with me, ok?

Back to the fields of lavender…

But wait. What is that I suddenly see in the distance? It couldn’t be…but it is.

It’s a phone booth. Looks like I’m still in London, after all.

The Female Factor:  Jo Malone, MBE, is the owner and creator of Jo Loves.  42 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9NZ.  +44 (0)20 7730 6091.

Photos of the lavender were taken at Mayfield Lavender.

2 thoughts on “Jo Loves Orange Butterflies

  1. Orange blossom is my absolute favorite scent. This definitely sounds like a fragrance that will be on my must try list.

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