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In Oslo, Norway, there are many options for lodging that range from the old to the new.  From hotels to hostels, you’ll find it all and then some.  Whenever we travel, we generally try to find hotels that are native to the city that we’re visiting.  Not that chain hotels are bad. We’ve stayed in those, as well. There is just something about staying in a place that has its roots in that particular place. For our holiday in Oslo, we ended up staying in a suite at the historic Hotel Continental. The location of the hotel is excellent and the General Manager is a woman. A win-win!

Hotel Continental Oslo Norway

When we arrived to the hotel we were exhausted as it was well after midnight. From the second we walked in, the staff were very friendly and extremely attentive. They made us weary travelers feel at home.

I immediately noticed that everything in the lobby area looked quite new. I found out that the hotel has recently undergone a massive renovation that has left nearly the whole of the hotel updated.

It was a job well done because it looks stunning.

Room Features

My pictures do not do our suite justice….if anyone can recommend a good photography class in the London area please drop it in the comments below!  Our suite was lovely, clean and a great size. There was enough room us to spread out when we got tired of each other!  And I was amazed at how comfortable the bed was.  Anyone who has travelled at some point in their life can probably think of a hotel or two where the beds were just awful. Being able to sleep well is so important when you’re traveling.  Feeling constantly tired just ruins the experience, otherwise. The bed at Hotel Continental was large with soft, squishy pillows and crisp sheets.  But what I loved most was the pair of duvets on the bed.  Its the perfect solution for people who sleep with cover-hogs!

In addition to the comfy bed, the suite also had a large washroom with double sinks, separate bathtub, shower and also a separate toilet room. It was a light-filled space with windows the opened to let in the fresh air.  The extremely generous supply of Moulton-Brown bath products were also a really nice touch.

The seating area was so nice to come back to for relaxing after a long day of touring the city. We also had two televisions but we were so tired at the end of our days that we didn’t watch very much!

The gym at Hotel Continental was small but very clean and the equipment was immaculate. For me, that’s enough.

Hotel Continental Gym

Hotel Continental Gym

I like exercise when I travel but not to the extent that I do when I’m home so, for me, this was the perfect amount of gym.  I’d rather get my exercise by walking around the city that I’m visiting.

Hotel Continental Bowman

In the lobby there is the Bar Bowman and it’s the perfect spot to stop for a nightcap on your way back to your room at the end of the day.  It’s especially pretty when they have the candles lit in the evening.  Very elegant.

There is also the Theatercafeen that I mentioned here.  It has an elegant, old school theater vibe and really nice food.

The Hotel Continental has a long history lead by a family with strong women. Starting with Swedish-born Caroline Boman who came to Oslo in 1887 until today.  You can read more about its interesting history here.

I’m so glad we chose this hotel.  It’s absolutely lovely.  The people who work there are fantastic and you couldn’t get a better location. Close to the water but also within walking distance to historical sites and shopping.

What are your upcoming travel plans?  I’d love to hear about them!


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  1. The only drawback to staying at a hotel this elegant is that you are torn between wanting to spend more time in the hotel and exploring the city. I think I would need at least one full day just to enjoy the amenities at this hotel. It’s just lovely and it seems to be the perfect place to return to after a busy day of sightseeing. Thank you for sharing your experience here.

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