London’s Lavender Fields

London does flora exquisitely. Roses abound along with cherry blossoms and wisteria at springtime. The city is world-renowned for its the famous Chelsea Flower Show. But did you know that, in addition, lavender grows beautifully?

Although lavender is believed to be from the Mediterranean as well as India and the Middle East, it was brought to the UK thousands of years ago, most likely by the Romans, who used it for just about everything. They cooked and washed with it and they used it as an antiseptic for cleansing wounds.

Kensington London

You can find lavender in many home gardens around the city as well as Kew and the Lambeth Palace Gardens. But there are some lovely lavender fields, as well. It’s like trip to Provence without the airfare!

Where To Find Lavender Fields In London

Vauxhall Park

Vauxhall Park was opened to the public in 1890. And like nearly every other park in London, there is a garden. What’s special about this small, gated enclosure built in the 1960s is that it houses a tiny lavender field that was installed in honor of the Vauxhall Motors Centenary.

Vauxhall Park Lavender London

When in bloom, you can see its bright purple color from the entrance on Vauxhall Road. There is also a pergola with wisteria and roses that is lovely when blossoming. And to round it out, this park has a nice little cafe that I usually frequent while waiting for my son to finish up his nearby bouldering club.

Vauxhall Park, located at 12 Lawn Lane (SW8 1UA), is a short walk from Vauxhall Station. The park is open 8:30am – 6:00pm.

Kennington Park

This entire park is such a hidden gem! There is a gorgeous Grade II listed Victorian park as well as extension established in the 1960s, but nestled in the back is a blossomy Old English flower garden originally created in 1931.

Kennington Park Lavender London

Lavender can be found around the sun-dial in center of the garden as well as by the olive trees at the entrance, but the entire park and its breathtaking gardens are worth visiting.

Kennington Park Lavender London

It’s a tiny paradise.

Kennington Park, located on Kennington Park Road
(SE11 4BE), is directly across the street from Oval tube station. The park is open 7:30am – 8:30pm.

Although London’s lavender fields are just beautiful, if you’re willing to travel a bit there a couple of others that are worth seeking out, as well.

Where To Find Lavender Fields Around The London Area

Mayfield Lavender

Mayfield Lavender

This lavender field is located just outside of London and is famous for its red phone box situated in the center.

Mayfield Lavender

The history of Mayfield Lavender is interesting. The owner leased a field from a farm called Banstead in 2002. As it turns out the property was actually an original Victorian lavender field.

There is also a cafe and gift shop on site with lavender scented products for purchase.

Mayfield Lavender, located at 1 Carshalton Rd, Banstead SM7 3JA, is open from 9:00am – 6:00pm.

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

It takes some time to get to Hitchin Lavender, but its worth the journey. With nearly 30 acres of lavender that can be cut, it’s a fun way to spend a morning. Inhaling the intoxicating scent of lavender along with hearing the gentle hum of the bees is as relaxing as it gets.

Hitchin Lavender

There is a beautiful cafe on site along with a shop that sells lavender scented products as well as jams and objet for the home.

Hitchin Lavender, located at Cadwell farm, Arlesey Rd, Ickleford, Hitchin SG5 3UA, is open from 9:30am – either 5:00, 6:00 or 10:00pm depending on the day.

Lavender fields in london

Do you have any lavender fields growing around where you live? If so, share them with me in the comment area below. I’d love to hear about them!

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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  1. These lavender fields are so amazing that I am surprised the Beatles did not make a song called
    “Lavender Fields Forever”. The color is so soothing and I wish that I were there right now.
    I have recently found out about a lavender farm not too far from my home. That will definitely be on my bucket list to visit. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

    1. I’m so glad you liked the photos! Everything about lavender is relaxing.

      Can you imagine if the Beatles actually wrote that? They’d probably still be in the fields!

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