Musings About Life In Uncertain Times

Well, hello there! It’s been a moment. It was never my intention to disappear from the planet. I think the last time I posted here was back in November just before Thanksgiving. The holidays came and went. I traveled a bit. And for a brief time, I thought things were heading in a direction that meant returning Stateside. The seeds of an idea for a new blog and small business endeavor had started to germinate. 

I don’t know what’s in store for me over the next several months, but as the rhythm of my days has come to a grinding halt in London, I feel compelled to start writing again. So here I am. It’s nice to be back in this space. It almost feels like I need to be here for medicinal reasons.

London Cherry Blossoms

Ideas For Coping With Uncertain Times

How are you coping with all of this uncertainty? Hopefully, with gentleness towards yourself. Even during this pandemic, I’m still trying to seek beauty in the everyday. The spring blossoms London is famous for are nearly at their peak now. As I take my daily walk, I intentionally take a moment to slow down a bit (at a safe distance from everyone!) and revel in the explosion of pastel pinks and purples, creamy whites, and lush chartreuse greens of the newly emerging foliage on the trees. And not just with my camera but fully engaging all of my senses. I inhale deeply and take in the scent of the flora around me. I hear birdsong in the trees. It’s what keeps me going.

London Wisteria

I’ve also been using this time to delve into less glamorous yet enriching activities such as dive into the stacks of books I’ve meant to read, podcasts I’ve been aspiring to listen to as well as making a pretty weak attempt to organize my house. Marie Kondo would be well and truly disappointed. I’ve been cooking (and eating) so much more, which I have always found to be immensely pleasurable. I find that family and I are having more leisurely dinners together at the weekend. A new cadence has replaced the previous rhythm of my life, and I’ve surrendered to it with more grace than I ever realized I could. 

I wrote an article back in 2018 about self-care at the holidays. I find that there are several ideas listed that reach far beyond the festive season and into our current climate. I’m aware that it may seem superficial to recommend a spa day or to pop on a facial mask, but in doing so, I find it encourages stillness. I’ve been throwing on a mask each night and using the time while I wait to rinse it off to meditate or write in my gratitude journal. The pages have never been fuller. 

I also have incorporated the use of a checklist of tasks to complete every day. These activities are done with intention and keep me from wandering down the rabbit hole of despair. 

London Cherry Blossoms

Trying to stay rooted firmly in the present is so important, especially now, but every so often, my mind wanders to the days and weeks yet to come. And in those moments when I peer into the future, I find myself dreaming of where my wanderlust will lead me to next after we return to a life where there are no more lockdowns, and we are safe to get close to each other, again.

Tell me what you’ve been doing to keep yourself occupied, lately, if you’re up for sharing. Use the space below, or feel free to contact me privately. 

Thanks for reading! Cheers!



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  1. The flowers in your photos seem especially beautiful. It almost seems as if Mother Nature is trying to lift up our spirts during this time with the beautiful flowers as long as we take the time to appreciate them. I am anxious to getting back into gardening to relieve my cabin fever and the sunshine does wonders for my spirits. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

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